Advertising expanded on NSW trains, but is anyone still looking?

By December 4, 2013Our news

Trains will now carry advertising in the interior of its carriages under the plan announced by NSW Minister for Transport Gladys Berekijlian. NSW trains have previously featured interior advertising for other government transport services. A small trial was carried out last year.

The contract for interior advertising has been won by Melbourne-based outfit S&J Media Group which also handles the same for Metro Trains Melbourne, Queensland Rail and Sydney Ferries.

In-station advertising will also be expanded with the addition of up to 150 new digital screens at high-traffic stations including Martin Place, Circular Quay, Town Hall, Central, Bondi Junction and North Sydney.

Advertising on the outside of trains will also be rolled out, initially across 40 Tangara trains.

APN Outdoor, Adshel and Torchmedia also picked up contracts.

Berejiklian said revenues from advertising on and around NSW trains will double over the next five years as a result of the expansion. She added the increased revenues will be spent on improvements to services.

“Around the world advertising on public transport is done very well, using innovative technologies and new ideas,” she said. “It is time Sydney came in line with other global cities, and from now on customers will see many more new digital advertising screens, and more advertising on trains.”

Interior advertising already runs on government buses and ferries in Sydney. However, with widespread 3G mobile coverage in Sydney (and most of the train network is above ground in contrast to other major cities such as London and New York), there is a question of how often people will look up from their phones to gaze at the ads.