Chinese online giant Youku Tudou Inc. enters into strategic partnership with S&J Media Group to expand opportunities in the Australian market

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Global powerhouse Youku Tudou is the top ranked video streaming website in China with over 500 million monthly active users delivering over 900 million daily video views. More than half the users are accessing content via mobile and tablet devices.

Youku has partnered with Australian based media specialists, S&J Media Group to explore cooperative models for content creation and expand marketing awareness with key Australian advertisers on cross platform opportunities through premium advertising placements, production cooperation, and brand channel promotion and cross border online shopping.

Completed in late 2015 the first four part content local production titled ‘Travel with Food and Wine” focused on the world famous restaurants of Melbourne’s streets and alleyways have surpassed 20 million plays on the Youku platform.

In Australia there are nearly 600,000 unique visitors per month from Chinese speaking Australian residents who are consuming over 16 million video views per month.

“Chinese Australians represent the single largest minority in the country. Australian residents that identified themselves as having Chinese ancestry make up around 4% of Australia’s population”, says Deane Goodwill, CEO of S&J Media Group.

“Chinese Australians are among the most well educated groups in Australia and comprise a large percentage of Australia’s educated class. 80% of the audience is in the key 18-40 age group and Youku gives us the opportunity for Australian

Advertisers to directly target these consumers in their native language.”

“The partnership with S&J Media in Australia is an important milestone in Youku Tudou’s expansion in the global market, a critical part of company’s globalization strategy to serve overseas Chinese audience”, says YaWei Dong, CMO of Youku Tudou Inc., CEO of Innovative Marketing BU (Youku Tudou Inc.)

“We will work with S&J Media to continue improve user experience in Australia, while extend the advertising service to incorporate content generation, localization, VOD, OTT service , e-commerce business and more based on market nuances,  eventually to provide a complete marketing solution for Australian clients.”

S&J Media Group will provide Australian advertisers with the opportunity to more effectively target their communication to Chinese Australians through translating or subtitling their current commercials as well as providing specialist cultural advice.

Further information; Deane Goodwill, CEO S&J Media Group

Phone: 03 9867 1022  Mobile: 0415 211 241

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