Our Story

S&J Media Group was established in 2010 in the pursuit of excellence in transit media based on our knowledge of the innovative advertising media being adopted overseas.

We commenced business by winning the Metro Trains Melbourne management of advertising services contract for train interiors and have grown to be the leading provider of train interior advertising in Australia.

Our success is based on providing innovative train interior advertising campaigns that maximise the available space within the carriage and allow advertisers the unique opportunity to elaborate their message to a captive commuter audience.

S&J has focused on marketing the interior advertising opportunities within trains by communicating to a growing number of commuters who have web enabled smartphones and tablets and are able to interact.

S&J Media is based in Melbourne with offices established in Brisbane and Sydney.

Our registered office is located at Level 7, 492 St Kilda Road, Melbourne, VIC Australia.

Over 7 million train passengers nationally

  • Over 7 million train passengers nationally.
  • 68% are Generation X,Y and Z.
  • 50% have a degree or diploma.
  • Average Household Income of $101,490.
  • 20% are Professional / Managers.
  • A further 22% are White Collar Workers.
  • 28% more likely than the Australian average to be in the AB Quintile.
  • 40% are “Big Spenders.”

Australia’s Train travellers are in higher quintiles, bigger spenders and better educated.

State train travellers in NSW 2.8 million


State train travellers in VIC 2.2 million


State train travellers in QLD 1 million


Generation X,Y and Z

Have a degree or diploma

Are “Big Spenders.”